Plaza Viva Tijuana

2016_ Series of 5 Inkjet Prints on Canson Infinity Paper, frame, 100×120 cm.

Plaza Viva Tijuana was an open-air shopping center in the Empleados Federales neighborhood of Tijuana, immediately in front of what was formerly the only exit to Mexico for pedestrians crossing from San Ysidro, San Diego on the U.S. side of the border. It housed one of Tijuana’s largest gay nightclubs (formerly «Éxtasis» then «Club Fusion») and numerous pharmacies targeted at U.S ; making the place the epicenter of the black market for Aids and Cancer treatment. In July 2016, it became the starting point of the new pedestrian walkway to and from the new PedWest pedestrian crossing, via which pedestrians cross to Virginia Avenue and the Las Americas Premium Outlets on the U.S. side. Since then, there has been a reconfiguration and the old complex has been completely destroyed.