Sometimes we dont know what to do with an octopus.

“The image is often associated with the nervous system but never with the cardiovascular. Go in an office or go in a plant, the question is always the same, where is love !? Where is love !? Did you get that memo : The space is the time you need to go to someone else ?”

-Do goldfish know because they forget they know?

– I don’t know what they know but I know goldfish have a memory of a liter of at least 3 months. Did you know that?

– I didn’t know that… Do you think the goldfish feel the waves of the silent gospels coming from the depths of open spaces ?

– Depends on the thickness of the bowl, I guess…

About the presentation at the AHAH in Paris, July 2019:  Florent Meng and Aurélie Faure form a pair who plays with love and chance. The artist and the curator realized that their work had already met in the same exhibition space, a year earlier: one with a series of photographs, the other with a first sound piece. The two stepped aside, side by side, without knowing what the future would hold for them. Together, they then realize a sound piece: a romantic discourse in which mute switchboard operators, ego-centered soda cans and philosophical goldfishes will be named desire.

Like a lover who speaks Like, 2019, 26 x 33 cm,
inkjet print on dijon, engraved plexiglass frame
-You know what ? -What ?
-You’re pretty. -Oh C’mon.
Why don’t we work together? , 2017, 26 x 33 cm,
inkjet print on dijon, engraved plexiglass frame.
-Why do bees hum? -Because they forgot the words.

Writing does not reproduce speech, it makes it visible. Signs first appeared along the serene Tigris, then along the soothing Nile, later on the roaring subway trains of New York. Sensual ideograms delicately carved on languageless stones and urban windows. But as time passes by we loose the understanding for these communicative images. Their unreadable auras of meaning flap quietly in the wind. (Text written for the exhibition Delay Call Fowarding with Sarah Burger and Ceel Mogami de Haas, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, 2017.)