Notes on H2

2014_HD, 20 min, Fr sub /Eng sub

 ©Florent Meng


Notes from H2 is a science fiction documentary that takes place in a deserted and partially destroyed town. The narrator goes there in search of the last living human being, alone and abandoned by all. The film establishes its own fiction- a post apocalyptic narrative to refer to a different genre: documentary or reportage, tourism and anthropological movie respectively. Shot in the militarized area H2, the film seeks to split, according to its possibilities, the same modality of vision: on one hand the domination, the control and the ownership, and on the other hand the compassion, the celebration and the respect.

H2 : Hebron is the only city in the West Bank where Jewish settlements are located within the city: 600 settlers live in four settlements, protected by 1,500 soldiers. Over the years, the city center was depopulated, leaving a ghost neighborhood called “H2″.

Shot in H2 Zone, Hebron, West Bank, September 2013. Original score by Cell Mogami de Haas.

Installation, Halle Nord, Genève.
 ©Florent Meng, Installation, Halle Nord, Geneva, CH.
 ©Florent Meng. Installation, Halle Nord, Geneva, CH. Keffiehs brodés, triangle framed. Marple wood shelf, 180x25x35cm.