Dunes Of Deletes

HD.  42“. Fr/ Angl / Esp

Shot along the wall on the US-Mexican border, Dunes of Deletes is a dystopic film questioning our relationship to landscape and to migration territories. A hybrid project, this one-of-a-kind documentary fiction is at the same time a mise en scène and the making of of its own shooting.

In Dunes of Deletes, the border between Mexico and the United States disappeared. The wall marking it has been replaced by an impassable, invisible obstacle. All that was around the frontier disappeared, allowing the desert to extend to the towns. The film follows the journey of two Mexicans who decide to leave Los Angeles to join the land of their ancestors on the other side of the invisible wall.

with : Pierre Espino & Cezar Marquez.
Shoot : Mojave Reserve, Joshua Tree National Park, CA & Sonora Desert, Mexique.
Camera : Canon 5D
Sound: Stereo
Ratio : 1:85
Original score : Ceel Mogami de Haas.